Thursday, August 03, 2006


The week of high-90s temperatures has finally been broken by a big rainstorm. I have my a/c off for the first time in ages. It feels great to air out the house -- and not to be paying per minute for the luxury of sitting on my couch without breaking a sweat.

Today I worked my last shift at the Coffee Tree. The six weeks I worked there had their share of interesting moments, but altogether it was a mostly stress-free, sometimes fun temp job that paid my rent. Last days at jobs are rarely uneventful, and today featured one of my co-workers oversleeping and coming in two hours late. On the plus side, I learned that the morning rush can indeed be handled with only two people. But it's really, really not fun.

I also realized that, even though my espresso machine doesn't work as well as it used to anymore, I should still be able to use it to make my favorite summer beverage, which is a total ripoff of the Starbucks Doubleshot. Two shots of espresso, two packets of Sugar in the Raw, four ounces of skim milk and a splash of half and half, shaken with ice. It's so good and so easy to drink when it's hot and early and I don't feel like consuming anything at all. I've been drinking these for the past month and a half and have now gotten my friend Jessica hooked on them. I hope they'll be something I can make quickly in the morning and save myself a little money.

Eleven days until moving day. I'm trying to make the most of that time. My friend Greg's coming over tonight and we're ordering pizza from Conicella's, our local place here in Greenfield. They're good people and the pizza's delicious, and of a style that's very common around here but hard to find in C'ville: tons of high-quality cheese; not-too-sweet, slightly acidic sauce, and crust that's thin in the middle and puffy on the edges. Anyone who's got a line on this stuff in C'ville, let me know.


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