Monday, July 24, 2006


I'm forcing myself to do at least one task every day that will get me closer to being ready to move. Today's task was to empty the basement closet of all of my clothes. I packed two boxes full of out-of-season clothes and things that don't fit but will soon (once I start walking to school every day, I'm sure I can drop one size pretty quickly). I filled a gigantic lawn and leaf bag full of clothes to give away.

The scary part is that I still have a laundry basket or two full of clothes in the basement, plus a dresser full of clothes in my bedroom. I think most of those are on their way to St. Vincent de Paul as well.

How did I end up with this many articles of clothing in the first place? I don't even care about clothes, beyond wanting to wear moderately flattering and appropriate things.

In any case, it feels good to let them go. Once the clothes purge is done, the book purge begins. And so on until I run out of purging time and have to move what's left.

James and I are grilling tonight. The grill isn't coming with us, so we have to enjoy it while we can. If that means burgers for dinner, I'm willing to make that sacrifice.


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