Saturday, July 01, 2006


I decided to visit my parents for a few days. It's only four hours' drive (well, unless there's traffic, which there nearly always is) and I wanted to see my dad on his birthday, which is today. It's been a really nice visit. I've done a lot of sitting around, but nonetheless have managed to get a few things done: my dad and I fixed my car's cranky CD player together (and only had to make one Home Depot run, so that's not bad!), and I did some student loan paperwork and sent off my final deposit check to U.Va. Tomorrow before I leave for the trip home, I'm going to try to get that student loan junk in the mail in hopes that it will be all squared away when U.Va. cuts my tuition bill.

One Fun Fact about my family is that we consider seafood the marker of a celebration. Accordingly, my dad did not have a birthday cake tonight, but rather a dinner at Red Lobster. I personally think the candles-on-a-cake tradition should be abolished in favor of one crab leg per year.

One and a half months now until the move to C'ville. Can't hardly wait.


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