Tuesday, June 06, 2006

News Flash: Doing Stuff Is Good

I usually consider myself an introvert. I have many introvert characteristics: parties tire me out, I almost never get lonely, no one else's approval will suffice if I'm not happy with myself, and so on. But on the other hand, I have to talk things out with other people to get to what I really think about things. I can second-guess myself a lot in my head, but when I've said something out loud and it isn't true, alarm bells sound.

The other day I was talking with my friend Marcy (Marci? Marcie? oh man, I hate when I don't know how to spell someone's name). She is one of the regulars at the Starbucks where I used to work, and we've gotten to know each other pretty well over the past couple of years. We were talking about her son, who is overweight and is very self-conscious about it, to the point where he can't diet or exercise because his self-esteem is so low. I told her that I used to feel that way, too, not about being overweight but about being out of shape. I hated exercising because it showed me just how out of shape I was. Now, I just want to feel better tomorrow than I do today.

She thought that was a really profound statement and she made me say it again so she could write it down. And actually, I'm glad she did.

I have tendonitis in both wrists. It started about eight or nine years ago, and most of the time it doesn't affect my daily life, though it does get bad when I have to write an exam out by hand, or when a storm is coming. Over the years, though, I've hurt my wrists many times by pushing heavy things, gripping things (like stuck jar lids) too tightly, or carrying things with my wrists at an awkward angle. I've dealt with this by avoiding those situations, which means that I pretty much never lift anything heavy anymore, and that means I have very little strength in my hands and arms.

I've read in many places that scheduling time for exercise daily is a great way to succeed in law school, and I've wanted to get in shape for years. I took a weight-training course when I was at Mount Holyoke and I loved it, but at this point I don't feel ready to go to a gym. So I'm trying to get to the point over the summer where I'm ready to do that.

That means lifting two-pound hand weights right now, and going for brisk 40-minute walks. I want to progress past this level, and I'm confident that I can, but I need to remember that it's okay that I'm no athlete. I hear softball is huge at Virginia Law. I want to be able to play.

I also just found out that one of the local bowling alleys has a special on Wednesdays where you can bowl for three hours for $5 including shoes, or Friday for $7. I'll be the one bowling with a 6-pound ball, but not for long.


Blogger Bryan McLeod said...

I have linked your blawg on my blawg. i was hoping you could do the same..


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You've been added to The Law Student Blogger Directory.

You also win extra points since you linked to the directory before I even got around to adding you. Your link is much appreciated!

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