Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Home Sweet C'ville

Having finally been waitlisted by Harvard Law (was that so hard?!), I am now officially a double Hoo, heading back to U.Va. this fall. Unfortunately, I won't be advertising that status on my vehicle when I move, as the Virginia vanity plate "DBL HOO" has already been taken, as well as "HOO X2" and various other permutations thereof. Apparently I am not so clever after all.

Charlottesville seems to be pretty good to those who return. I got my old U.Va. Computing ID back from my undergrad days, and ITC is still letting me read my mail with PINE. Being again feels good.

I quit my job, so I have plenty of time this summer to get everything configured the way I want it. James and I just got back yesterday from a quick trip down to C'ville to sign the lease on our downtown apartment. Am I crazy for deciding to live downtown, even though it's way more expensive than living near the law school? I think not. I do much better work when I'm happy, and I can't imagine living where I'm going to be living and not being happy. Plus, I just learned that yet another decent coffee shop is opening on the mall soon, as well as another Five Guys location. It's a good place to be.

I had to get a new cell phone, too, since my old contract with Sprint is expiring. I went with a bare-bones prepaid phone from Alltel. No contract, so I figure if it turns out to be crummy, I haven't lost much. I don't like talking on the phone anyway.

I'm changing all my contact info: phone, email, address. As well as moving several hundred miles. This is the first big transition for me in several years.


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