Friday, September 01, 2006


This week has flown by. I'm not sure how it got to be Friday, but I'm already enjoying the weekend. I started with a heavy dose of Not Doing Work, which I plan on following up with wine and cheese, bowling, a dinner party, and liberal doses of more Not Doing Work. And also some work. There's just way too much work not to do work on weekends.

Unfortunately, law school amusement doesn't often translate well, so I won't try to bring much of it here. I do need to mention that it has been very cold at the Law School this past week. Apparently the building is cooled by two "chillers," a term I have never heard that I assume refers to some sort of huge compressor. Well, one of them is broken, so the other one is doing all the work, and apparently its thermostat has to be overriden to get it to stay on that much. Let's just say that the bookstore is probably doing record sweatshirt sales. Hey, I caved. Mine's a brown hoodie that says UVA LAW on it. Very comfy and worth every penny of the $25 I spent on it. That's the rough equivalent of three cafeteria lunches. (I've learned to bring lunch.)

Although I love my section and my professors, I think I'm missing out on one thing. My friends in another section have a Contracts professor who likes to make cases into limericks. Apparently they're such excellent mnemonic devices that this professor freely admits he can't remember the facts of cases that don't have limericks. Perhaps I need to employ this as a study method. It would also help me keep my hand in as a poet.


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