Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Another semester has ended, and as usual, I don't realize how stressed out I am until the pressure eases. The Honor Code officially prevents me from saying how any of my exams went, but I will say that all four of them made me nervous and I'm glad they're over. And not at all anxious to see how I did, which is good, since I'm sure I won't find out for at least a month.

It's been a difficult semester, not because of the classes but because I've had to figure out how to do school while having a lot of health issues. I hope that next semester will be better, and I'm seeing various doctors over the break to try to make sure that it turns out that way.

I don't have anything too profound to say. I'm just taking a couple of hours now to relax and decompress, and it is incredibly nice not to have to stare guiltily at a pile of books while doing so.


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