Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I have a midterm this afternoon in Contracts. This has forced me to confront the fact that I really don't know how to study. I have no idea how prepared I am for this exam. My gut feeling is that rereading my notes yet again isn't going to help me, because I'll have those available during the test, and I feel like I must be in relatively good shape since every time one of my fellow students asks me a question, I have at least a halfway decent answer for it. Still, I don't feel like I can prepare for this the same way I prepared for tests in undergrad. It makes me miss the hours I spent studying Latin vocabulary and singing declensions to myself while waiting for the bus.

I also realized this morning that, aside from the LSAT, this is the first exam I've taken since December of 2001. I hope wisdom will compensate for rustiness.

To psych myself up for the exam, I put an extra packet of sugar in my coffee, and it's delicious. As long as I'm still appreciating the finer things in life, I guess I can't possibly be too stressed out.

Outside the law school bubble, life moves on: one of my friends just had a baby, and another just found out she's pregnant. Election Day is in less than three weeks now. Thanksgiving is in five. In just over two months, I'll be done with exams, visiting my family. Somehow I find all this comforting.


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