Thursday, June 14, 2007


It's a cool, gray day today, and pardon me if I sound crazy when I say that getting one of those here in Charlottesville in the middle of June is a real gift. Days like this make it easier for me to think, to write, to be alone at home and not get restless. They're part of the reason I'm contemplating a move back to Seattle when I graduate in two years. Seattle has a lot of these days.

It's been a really good summer so far. Trip to Pittsburgh, tons of cooking, game nights with friends, a visit from my high school buddy Matt, hiking in Shenandoah, swimming in the Ivy Gardens pool, yoga classes, and, of course, time at the law school with the profs and the other research assistants. My apartment is still a mess and I still haven't gotten my car air conditioning fixed, but nothing's ever perfect.

I can see mountains out of my apartment windows. I didn't even notice that when I rented the place.

Everything in my little herb garden is still alive, so far. One month and counting.

We've had four straight days of thunderstorms. Let's see if today turns into number five.


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